5 Reasons Why you need a Payment Aggregator

Payment aggregator is a new class of service that provides a single point of access to various payment methods. The e-commerce industry has used them since 2008 to prevent credit card fraud.

In the late 2000s, they were mainly used by large retailers and corporations to process payments for their customers. More recently, however, they have been used by startups and small businesses that don’t have access to the resources necessary for setting up an in-house payment processing service.

How is Payment Aggregator beneficial for you?

Quick Application Process

Paying for things is not something that people like to do. Payment aggregator offers a simple and quick way to pay for various things such as food, gas, tolls, and more.

As the world becomes more digitized and automated, paying for services will become easier than ever before. Payment aggregators are in-demand for their quick application process. With the help of payment aggregators, you can pay for anything with one or two taps on your phones.

Highly Secure

Everyone has seen the growth rate of the payments industry. That is because the number of people who are using digital payments has risen significantly. The fintech industry includes a wide range of businesses, including banks, digital lending and credit, and payment processors. They all have their way of doing business, and they all rely on each other to make payments work.

This creates problems with security and privacy for transactions between these different types of providers because they don’t always share information with each other about who they are transacting with or what type of transaction it is.

That’s why aggregators act as middlemen between all these providers to help maintain security and privacy for customers. They also provide convenience for shoppers by simplifying the process of buying things. Check this page for knowing more about Payment aggregator in detail.


Payment aggregators help businesses with payment processing and fraud detection. These services can help reduce the overall cost of a business and reduce fraud incidents.

Payment aggregators provide POS terminals to businesses, which will allow them to accept payments from different financial institutions. It can include credit cards, ACH (Automated Clearing House), EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa), and mobile payments like Apple Pay or Android Pay.

The main benefit that this service provides is that it reduces the cost for a business because they no longer need to purchase each type of terminal separately, and this is especially helpful for small-business owners who cannot afford these costs upfront.

Furthermore, the risk of fraud is also reduced as payment aggregators provide fraud detection services at no additional charge.

Accepting All Modes of Payment

Online retailers are constantly in the fight for the best conversion rates and the most convenient payment options. This is where payment aggregators come into the picture. They allow companies to accept all modes of online payments in one place.

Payment aggregators are a simple and affordable solution to take all sorts of online payments. They help companies save both time and money by getting rid of the need to have a different processor for each type of payment.

Instant Approval

Payment aggregators are becoming more popular nowadays. An instant approval model means that customers can decide on their purchase and complete it by entering their payment information immediately without having to wait for approval from the credit card company.  Payment aggregators provide instant approval of the credit card purchase, eliminating the need to enter the card details every time. This leads to a higher conversion rate, as customers do not have to go through the cumbersome process of typing their credit card number and other information each time they order.


Payment aggregator simplifies the process of making payments from your store, from your store to another store, from one service to another, or even in a peer-to-peer transaction. Nowadays, people are using it because it saves them time and makes their lives much easier.

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