Take away the stress of property management by calling in a company of specialists

Several years ago, your business built several flats located together, after which you decided to self-manage. It seemed a great idea at the time. After all, you were younger and full of vigour and energy and felt that you were capable of anything at the time. Why pay someone else?

But now at an age where you should be kicking back and looking towards retirement, it’s beginning to become a bit of a pain. You are fed up with being disturbed on a weekend by what you consider trivial matters from the residents. They could at least wait until Monday to annoy you. Your mates can see your temperature going through the roof at the footy and it’s not just your team letting you down for a change.

It’s time for you to employ the services of a company that deals with body corporate in Essendon to relieve the stress and allow you to enjoy your life fully once again. You will benefit from just some of the services that they will provide in many ways.

  • They will enlist the services of cleaners, gardeners, plumbers, electrical and general maintenance works. This would be a massive load off your mind as it is becoming a nightmare as the buildings get older. No more having to get your own tools out to sort the problem yourself.
  • They will sort out your insurance scheme, to ensure that the properties have the correct payment of protection. More red tape out of the way. You might be able to retire sooner than you think!
  • If a tenant falls behind in rent, you will have complete peace of mind that every possible way of collecting the monies owed will be put in place through reminder notices, a final notice and then a debt collection process being initiated.
  • You thought setting up a residents committee was a caring thing to do years ago, but it’s been thrown back in your face. Meetings and negotiations will be completed on your behalf.
  • Your partners specializing in body corporate and strata management will prepare your annual budgets, find you the best quotes for jobs, and provide payment systems all recorded on a Cloud based management system so that no stone is left unturned.

Take away the stress and hassle of dealing with residents and the problems of the property by contacting an expert company in body corporate management that will allow you to enjoy a happy early retirement.

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