3 Nature Walks and Hikes around Galveston Area You Should Know about

When you think of Galveston, Texas, all you can think of is the three Ss’: surf, sand, and seafood. But Galveston is much more of that. Ranging from the historic strand lofts Galveston to a range of museums, Galveston provides activities for everyone, including the nature lovers as well. Galveston Island harbors a number of nature reserves and hiking trails, where you can bird watch, do photography, camping and much more.

Here are some activities you can do:-

  1. Galveston island state park

It is located on the west side of the island. It harbours local flora and fauna. Fitness freaks can walk or bike along the trails. If you love sleeping under the stars, campsites are available for tents, trailers, and RVs. Fishers can fish along the bay area or the beachside, water lovers can explore the paddle trails.

  1. East end lagoon preserves

It is a famous spot for locals and visitors alike. The East End Lagoon Preserve provides endless fishing areas, canoeing and kayaking, bird watching and so much more. It is deemed a bird watcher’s paradise and many species of birds can be found all year. Take a kayak tour of the lagoon by your own means or join the group of the Galveston private entities. If you are an adventurous freak, there are many primitive hiking trails, but ensure to bring your mud boots along. If you are brave enough, there is no shortage of exploring wildlife and beautiful views of the Gulf.

  1. The seawall

If you are more inclined to history than the nature, then the Seawall offers an amazing walk along the sandy beaches of Galveston. It was constructed after the devastating Galveston Hurricane in the year of 1990 in order to shield the city against the imminent hurricane. It is a 17 foot tall structure and has gained its name and fame as a National Civic Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Civil Engineers in the year of 2001. You must walk along the 10 miles of sidewalk which are considered the longest and continuous sidewalk in the whole wide world and enjoying the views of the Gulf on one side and famous shops and cafes to the other.

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