Guide to Renovating an Office Building

Are you thinking about breathing new life into your office space? Our handy guide will outline some of the main considerations you need to think about before undertaking the task and the best steps you can take to ensure the renovation runs as smoothly as possible.

Why renovate the office?

There are many benefits to renovating your company office space that go beyond the aesthetics of the building. If your office is looking tired and worn, this may start to have an impact on your staff’s wellbeing, and as a result, this could ultimately impact their performance.

Creating a better working environment can be a simple and cost-effective way to drastically update the space and ensure your employees are happy to come to work every day.

Planning the renovation

Renovating an office can have an unavoidable impact on the running of your business, but there are ways you can try and mitigate the disruptions to daily activities as much as possible.

The most important thing to do is make sure you have planned the renovation in detail. Come up with a schedule of the work to come and try to make sure it fits around what is best for your business and employees.

It’s also imperative that you consider your budget and the potential costs when you make your plans for the renovation. Things can go wrong along the way, so you must give yourself some breathing space in your financial forecast for any delays or extra costs you may incur.


You may have an idea in mind for how you would like the office space to look after the renovation, but to make sure the space is functional as well as appealing to the eye, you could consider working with a designer.

They can help you establish your goals for the aesthetic of the office, as well as helping you choose between colours, styles and the types of office furniture that would suit your space and your company’s brand the best.


Removing the old fittings and fixtures can prove to be one of the most challenging parts of any renovation project. Safety is of the utmost importance, so make sure anyone undertaking the work is properly protected with adequate safety gear.

To make the process as stress-free as possible, using the right products and tools is key. Opt for a good quality sealant remover to help remove old adhesives from fixtures ad fittings, and make sure you have things like tape measures, spirit levels and screwdrivers on hand as you build your new office furniture.

If you are overseeing a larger operation, then you may need to think about hiring a contracting firm to come and undertake some of the more difficult tasks.

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