Guided tour of the most peaceful countries in the world

Research is based on a wide range of indicators, such as relations with neighboring countries, crime, the number of prisoners and political stability. Based on this, let’s take a look at the 10 most peaceful and safe countries in order to organize our travels there.

  1. Slovenia

The biggest asset of Slovenia is its people. The Slovenians, according to the Telegraph, are conservative as a people, but they are deeply confident and very tolerant and hospitable. Despite its small size, Slovenia has many sights and rich landscapes. From its green forests (covering half the territory) and its snowy mountain peaks to the coastal cities of Venetian style, Slovenia perfectly combines the Mediterranean and Alpine climates.

  1. Japan

From the snowy peaks of Mount Fuji, to the ancient city of Kyoto, with its temples, colorful sanctuaries and zen harmonious gardens, Japan is a tranquil country. Tokyo is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, but its inhabitants have found a calm and efficient pace. The architecture and design of the city contribute to this, with flowering cherries alongside the river and the gardens to be oases of tranquility in the capital.

  1. Canada

Canada is a country that far exceeds the expectations one might have – the mountains are magnificent, the lakes are blue, the cities are fascinating and the inhabitants very friendly. The country is very well organized and efficient, despite its size, with a wide variety of landscapes, from snowy tusks to the frozen north, to vast forests and imposing mountain peaks.

  1. Switzerland

The country of chocolate, fondue and watches has not been involved in war since 1847, it does not spend huge bets on weapons systems and has one of the most direct democratic regimes where ordinary citizens can propose constitutional revisions. But apart from the most peaceful countries in the world, the inhabitants of Switzerland are among the happiest peoples in the world. This will surely help the Alps, economic prosperity and … successes of Roger Federer in tennis.

  1. Czech Republic

In 2015, the country celebrated the 25 years since its revolution and its break-up from Slovakia. Since then, the country has moved forward and is now considered one of the most peaceful countries in Europe. The rich history of the Czech Republic is captured in the romantic medieval districts of Prague, its cobbled streets and the river that separates it from the two.

  1. Portugal

Portugal is located at the west end of Europe and has a lot to offer, with enormous variety of climate, cuisine, architecture and wines from region to region. Most tourists spend their time in the sunny Algarve, in the south of the country, with the north staying “untouched”. The capital of the country, Lisbon, is a charming, stone-paved city, with the yellow trams climbing the narrow streets and the world enjoying the breeze from the Atlantic to the cafes. It remains essentially in the 18th century, with a strong Portuguese element.

  1. New Zealand

The island country is located in the southeast of Australia and thanks to its isolated geographic location it has a huge variety of landscapes and wildlife. The northern island of the country has vast farmland in the inland, with ancient Waipoua and Te Urewera forests, seaside resorts and picturesque, hospitable cities. It is no coincidence that the country is considered one of the most peaceful in the world.

  1. Austria

The Alpine Mountain House, the “Melody of Happiness” and Mozart are in third place on the list. Although it is often overlooked by tourists, Austria has a postcard postcard with impeccable farmhouses and colorful gardens. The capital city of Vienna has a seemingly endless variety of things to do and see all year round, from quick trips or leisurely sightseeing. The city has many small bars, galleries, shops and open-air markets, and has one of the richest cultural and musical traditions in the world.

  1. Denmark

The Scandinavian country has recently been declared the most joyous in the world, displacing Switzerland from the top of the list. The Copenhagen capital combines harmoniously the traditional churches with the sleek new-built structures that outline the city’s skyline. In addition to a more joyous country, Denmark is also one of the most secure countries in the world. As an island country there is always the coast and a beach relatively close.

  1. Iceland

The land of “fire and ice” is flooded with glaciers, towering volcanoes and thermal, geothermal springs. The capital of Reykjavik is a modern city offering not only.

There really needs to be mentioned that other places in the world are peaceful even if they are not on the list. Indonesia, for example is such a destination. You can visit this magnificent archipelago, enjoying your time at a beach club Bali and not having to worry about everything.

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