How Many Times Can A Filling Be Replaced?

Dental fillings are used during restoration procedures to repair damaged and decayed teeth. The procedure includes filling your teeth to restore the natural shape and strength of your teeth. Since it seals the infection area, it prevents future damage. If you have already got dental fillings, you must be thinking of asking dentists in Kelowna BC about the total time to replace them. This is a complete guide on how many times you can replace your fillings. Here we go!  

Total time your dental filling will be replaced? 

If required, the dental fillings can be replaced multiple times easily. With each replacement, you lose a part of your tooth enamel, weakening your teeth. Therefore, you must follow a comprehensive dental procedure, including brushing and flossing regularly, to address all underlying problems.

Signs to change the dental filling 

1. Damaged and missing fillings 

If you see a gap where your filling used to be, that is the clearest indication that it needs to be changed. Most of the time, if the filling has fallen out, you might also locate some of it. The most obvious indication that you need a new filling after losing your filling completely is if it has cracked. While cracks in a filling may not always be obvious, you may either see or feel a crack in the filling. If your filling has fallen out or been damaged, make sure to call your dentist immediately.

2. Discolored dental fillings 

Generally, patients choose a filling that matches their tooth’s natural color. If you feel your fillings are losing their color as they are worn out or for other reasons, you must look for a change. When these require a change, they turn slightly black and become yellow. In such a situation, visit your dentist. 

3. Tooth pain and sensitivity 

Another major sign that you must consider changing your fillings is tooth pain and sensitivity. If you are experiencing extreme tooth sensitivity to cold, hot, or sweet food and drinks, it points toward tooth sensitivity. In such a situation, you must undergo a change.

4. Undergo a facial injury 

Do you know if you get your face done, it will directly impact your dental fillings? If you have suffered facial injuries or undergone a facial procedure, your dental fillings may also come out. Although these fillings are extremely sturdy and strong, they get damaged during the accident. In severe cases, they may even come out partially or completely. 

Wrapping Up 

Dental fillings are a great way to restore your teeth’ functioning and overall aesthetics. If you notice these signs, you must choose a filling replacement. 

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