How Much Do You Know About Digital Technology?

Most people in Thailand use some kind of digital device, some use them and don’t even know that they are using a digital device, there are also small niche of people whom choose to isolate themselves completely from any digital devices, you won’t see them though. Whichever category you fall into, it helps to know a bit about the devices you use and where they came from in terms of heritage, below is a brief overview of the history of digital technology;

The early days

After publishing his ‘Mathematical Theory of Communication’ in 1948, the American mathematician and engineer became known as “The Father of Modern Digital Communications and Information Theory.” It was this publication that saw the birth of the internet a few decades later, it goes to show that, if it is possible to think of an idea then, it is likely possible that it can happen.

An idea alone, though, wasn’t quite enough, the theory needed some technology to back it up.

The tech

The late 1950s provided the fuel to really launch the computer revolution, with the invention of the semiconductor transistor and the microchip, these technologies allowed analogue devices and signals to become digital which completely changed the way electronics were built.

Internet foundations

The next major step for technology was in the 1960’s with the invention of something called ARPANET, which provided many of the foundations for something much greater. What we now call the Internet was built upon some of the theories and principles behind APRANET. Apparently, the theories and processes behind ARPANET still help to guide some of today’s technical innovations, if you want confirmation you could speak with an SEO expert in Thailand who will, no doubt be happy to confirm that, without APRANET, there probably wouldn’t be any digital marketing.

Home computers

About a decade later in the 70’s, the introduction of home computers to the consumer market took place which was a huge milestone for the age of technology, at one time it would have taken a large room to house a computer so, to be able to own your own computer at home that was small enough to sit on a table was something that dreams were made of.


Few people probably knew where these advancements were taking us, however, by the time the first half of the 2000’s came mobile phones, computers and Internet access had expanded globally and were being used within almost every household, these days you can’t pry some people away from their devices!

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