Lasik Eye Surgery – Are You Currently a great Candidate?

Is Lasik Eye Surgery best for you?

With all the talk from the discomfort-free, instant outcomes of Lasik Eye Surgery, it might appear like Lasik Surgical treatment is hardly surgery whatsoever. But could it be the best option for you personally?

Think about these questions to find out if a good candidate:

* Create a list from the advantages and disadvantages of Lasik Eye Surgery for the existence. This should not be any snap decision. Are you currently absolutely sick to dying of the irritation of putting on contacts or glasses? Or perhaps is it just a small inconvenience? In case you really don’t mind putting on contacts or glasses, you are most likely not prepared for Lasik Eye Surgery.

* Are you currently 21 or older? If you’re more youthful than 21, how well you see can always be altering as the eyes mature.

* Are you currently pregnant or nursing? Lasik Eye Surgical treatment is not suggested if you’re pregnant or nursing as the eyes might have altered slightly and you ought to hold back until after your child comes into the world.

* Would you expect to enter surgery ‘blind like a bat’ and come forth with ‘eagle eye vision’? How realistic are the expectations for Lasik Eye Surgery?

* What medications are you currently taking? Speak to your Lasik Surgeon about all of the medications you’re taking that could affect your surgical outcome and particularly if you take Accutane (for acne) or prednisone.

* Are you currently near sighted (only object close-up are obvious)? If that’s the case, your Lasik Surgeon might point to waiting until your late 20s whenever your vision is much more stable.

* Are you currently in good condition? For patients with diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, lupus, glaucoma, herpes infections from the eye, or cataracts, speak to your Lasik Surgeon to find out if Lasik Eye Surgery is a great choice for you.

Common kinds of vision imperfections

Many vision problems come from an imperfectly formed eyeball, cornea or lens. The most typical vision imperfections are:

* myopia — nearsightedness close-up objects are obvious.

* hyperopia — farsightedness a long way away objects are obvious.

* astigmatism — images both far and near are distorted.

* presbyopia –aging eye, occurs around age 40 and could be remedied with bifocals

Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism usually can be remedied by Lasik Eye Surgery. Presbyopia usually can’t be remedied by Lasik Eye Surgery except using the mono-vision technique. Mono-vision (correcting one eye for distance vision and yet another eye for near vision) is really a relatively recent concept. Ask your physician if mono-vision might meet your needs. Your Lasik Surgeon might be able to best one eye for a lot sightedness and yet another for near sightedness. This might eliminate or decrease your requirement for studying glasses. And perhaps, surgery on just one eye may be required.

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