Maximise The Potential in Your New Business Premises

For any business owner moving your office to a new building is an important step that needs to be done well and in a fashion that will enable your growing company to function more effectively. There are several critical elements in office layouts that you can utilise to ensure that your staff are happy, focused, and productive. I want to look at these areas and give you some valuable ideas to transform your blank canvas new building into a key component of your business. Easy, quick fixes such as improved green planting to essential areas such as how to divide the space efficiently and maximise the natural light.

Floorplan, Floorplan, Floorplan

How you design and manage the available space is a crucial element as to how well your staff will perform; enabling them and making them comfortable will maximise their potential.

There are several different office fixtures you can use to do this effectively; they are –

  • Partitioning Systems – available in different materials to suit any budget, drywall is a traditional choice. It would be best to look towards an increasingly popular option: the glass partition.
  • Suspended ceilings – can define a space; excellent acoustic and energy-efficient properties mean they are an effective medium to consider.
  • Demountable partitions are partition systems that can be easily relocated if a re-organisation or flexibility is required.

Take some time to view what is available on the websites of office refurbishment specialists, use internet searches for subjects such as suspended ceilings Gloucester’ or ‘office partitions Oxford’ to find local businesses. This search will have a double purpose as you may identify one or two possible installation specialists for your project and give you ideas to include in the design of the new premises.

Key Elements to Your New Office

To create the ideal office environment, you should consider several essential areas carefully. An optimal workplace with all the amenities needed to make your staff positive, happy, and productive is the end game. These important areas are –

  • Lighting – having the correct lighting is vital to maximising the available natural light. Led lighting is used to simulate this effect.
  • Furniture – making your staff comfortable is crucial; new ergonomically designed bright coloured furniture from chairs to complete workstations are a must.
  • Décor – the correct colour scheme can set the right mood while also being a vital component in the overall aesthetic look of a modern office.
  • Staff Areas – Breakrooms, Kitchens and Restrooms should all be designed to give staff space to relax and recharge; they will return to work and be more effective.

Giving the proper thought to all these areas is the foundation of any great new premises and when building a superb office environment. You can also consider simple ideas such as Biophilia or office planting, which is linked to increased productivity and well-being or the addition of some tasteful well-chosen artwork that can be a method used to boost morale.

All your decisions in designing your new premises will be crucial in defining how well your business grows. With this information and further research, I hope you can create an excellent modern looking office where your staff can thrive and succeed.

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