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It was recorded that around 117,258 employed people are residing in the Australian city of Sydney. To be marked, about 69 % of them are working as a full-time employee of any company, and 29 % of them are working as part-time or in contract employees of any company. It is not easy to look for a promising job or job as a fresher.

Importance of Recruitment Agencies to Colleges and Universities

The recruitment agency Sydney people most refer, and they have a good influence in college campuses. Nowadays, a college builds its name based on in-campus recruitment to the students studying. A huge amount of money is spent on a student’s education, and it won’t make any sense if the college is unable to provide praising recruitment, then there is no point going to that college. It has become very common for universities to approach recruitment agencies for hiring their graduates to maintain a good image in the education field. Sydney mostly charges around 15 % to 30 % of the hired candidate’s remuneration package. Sometimes the fees depend on industry demanding recruitments.

Can a fresher be benefited from Recruitment Agency?

A fresher always lookout for a job as soon as he graduates. Looking at the competition in the market or industry, it is impossible to find a job that suits your role or expertise. Sometimes you might find a job, but the skill you possess is not viable, and sometimes, you find a job for which you are overqualified, but the Salary is not feasible. Most freshers lookout for recruitment agency Sydney and sign up for a job.

They are benefited in many ways:

  • Support: A support in developing basic skills, improving your resume, Fluency in speaking, and motivation are few support factors provided by the agency to the candidate. The agency brings out the best in you for any hiring company.
  • Faster hiring: These agencies already have contacts in various industries where there is a need for new employees and skilled labor. They look at your resume, improve your skills slightly, and immediately fix the interview with the company making a process shorter and quick. The hiring through these agencies guarantees a job in the first interview.
  • Quality: You may find that some HR’s are not transparent enough with the company policies, and get to know as you work. Here, the recruitment agencies are open and transparent about the company’s working patterns so that the candidate doesn’t face problems in the future.
  • Temporary jobs: Students of the college are often looking out for internships of anywhere between 3 months to 6 months with steady pay to earn their daily expenses. These agencies are active in internship recruitment and may even give offer letters for permanent employment after graduation.

The benefit of such agencies is unmatchable. It is just the beginning of future hiring. Companies have agreed that candidates recruit through these agencies tend to be more efficient and skilled compared to direct hiring.

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