Simplified Guide: How To Find The Right Document Shredding Service?

Businesses need to collect physical documents and papers on a regular basis for different reasons. Laws and compliance norms make it mandatory to save and protect documents and information, but after a point, document destruction becomes necessary. Getting rid of unwanted papers and documents goes beyond using a simple paper shredder. There are norms to be followed, with regards to acts like The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

Professional document shredding is basically an arrangement, where a business hires a company for the shredding work, and in return, the service offers a ‘Certificate of Destruction’. Hiring services for document shredding Houston has many advantages, and in this post, we are talking of the aspects that matter for hiring one.

  • Start with the basics. First and foremost, a company that deals in professional shredding must be licensed and insured. They must follow a due process of destruction and should be willing to explain the same to businesses, if asked. Known companies are also a member of organizations like NAID (National Association for Information and Destruction) and are certified for all kinds of shredding work.

  • Discuss your requirements. Depending on the volume of paperwork, you may need a shredding service more frequently than a small business. Start by understanding if you require onetime shredding or want to schedule the job periodically. It is also important to understand the possible volume of work for each cycle.
  • Ask for mobile shredding, when needed. For sensitive documents and papers, you may want extra assurance that the destruction has been done right. There are mobile shredding services, which will send their van to your site and get the job done. Mobile shredding is handy for limited documents and also costs a tad more.
  • Get an estimate. It is absolutely important that shredding remains an economically viable choice for your company in the long run. The costs depend on may factors, but ideally, get an estimate in advance. If you need periodical services, you can always ask for discounts or a better price.

  • Know their clients. Has the shredding service worked with companies that have a similar profile as yours? As a prospective client, you have every right to know their clientele and get references. Make sure to call a few to ask about their experiences.

Check online now to find more on shredding services in your area and ask for an estimate.

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