Stellar online wallet features

It is the age of crypto trading and crypto currencies are slowly but steadily rising in  popularity. Digital currencies like bitcoins have become a rage and more and more people are using them to trade and earn.

As with anything in the digital world, these currencies also need to be kept safe from scams and frauds. Enter the stellar online wallet.

The stellar online wallet operates just like your regular physical wallet, which stores your currency, is used for trade and can be refilled from time to time as required.

The stellar wallet has many features that make it a popular choice amongst traders.

  • Safety – stellar web wallets are secure. They ensure that your currency stays safe. They are QR code enabled and hence there can only be one user or owner per wallet. It lets you trade safely and securely without having to worry about phishing scams.
  • Ease of use –stellar web wallets are extremely easy to use. The are user friendly. The design is extremely simple. The technology is advanced but still a piece of cake for even the newest of users. Simplicity is what these wallets are known for, though they have the most advanced of features.
  • Different currencies –you can update your wallet with stellar lumen coins as and when required. Once you are comfortable with the process and you start trading with different types of currencies, you can directly use the stellar xlm from your wallet.
  • Easy linkage for payment –avoid the hassle of entering all details from time to time by using the easy linking feature of the stellar web wallet. Link it easily with any payment gateway and trade and transfer lumens safely and easily. The stellar web wallet lets you save on your trading costs on the whole.
  • Easy to sign in – unlike many other complicated digital wallets, the stellar web wallet has a easy registration process. It does not have lengthy formal steps. However you need to keep in mind the following factors :
  1. There are a variety of stellar wallets available so make sure you choose the right one as per your purpose.
  2. Request for a sign -up
  3. Enter the details as required. You also have an option to remain anonymous.
  4. Once you have submitted your details and confirmed the same, the digital wallet becomes accessible to you.
  • Regular updates –the developers ensure that regular updates are available for your stellar wallet from time to time. This ensures that you have more trading options to offer for your customers.
  • Easy availability across devices –the stellar web wallet is available for download across devices. Whether you are using an Android device or an iOS one, the stellar web wallet is availablefor you. You can also download the wallet for your PC. So whether you are using it on your computer at home, iPad or mobile phone, it is easily accessible for you on the go.

Download it, have fun and trade easily and securely.

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