The Many Opportunities That Getting The Right Visa Creates For You.

When people think about a brand-new start in life, there are a number of destinations that they think about but it is fair to say that Australia appears at the top of or close to the top of any list. This particular country and indeed continent, offers up so many opportunities for many people both young and older to begin a new life in a beautiful destination. There are those who took a vacation to this fantastic country sometime in the past and it was then that they met the love of their life and they have been together ever since.

If you are in a genuine relationship with someone who is a citizen of Australia, someone who is a permanent resident or is an eligible New Zealand citizen then there is a visa that is perfect for you if it is your wish to settle down in Australia with them. It is called the partner visa 309 and is perfect for those who want to start beginning a new life. If you’re not familiar with this type of visa then the following are just some of the things that it will allow you to do.

  1. Live, work & study – With this particular type of visa, you can live your life, work hard and study in any educational institution during the time that it takes to process the permanent partner visa that you have applied for. This means that you can start your life before a final decision has been made and so this will give you a feel for what it’s like to live in such a country like Australia.
  2. Application for health care – Once you have the above partner visa 309, you can start the application so that you can gain access to Australia’s fantastic public health care system and this gives you essential peace of mind that if you do get sick, but there will be help available to you.
  3. Free to travel – With your partner visa 309 in hand, you are then free to travel to Australia and to travel away from Australia as many times as you would like without coming across any major issues. If you are a non-native speaker then you can also sign up for and attend free English language classes that are provided for you by the migrant programme.

Having the right kind of visa in place will allow you to do the above three things and so this is why it makes perfect sense to make sure that you get the right visa before you travel.

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