The Process And Benefits Of Chocolate Enrober

Chocolate cravings have given humans new and fancier ideas to make better chocolates. People have been coming up with ideas on making chocolates more rich, interesting, and different from their competitors. Over the years, there have been thousands of variations in chocolates all over the globe. Today, in this article, let us discuss the process and benefits that can be availed via a chocolate enrober. Are you aware of it? Do you know how it functions? Well, here are some answers to your basic questions.

Process of chocolate enrobing

  • Melting the chocolate: The first step involved in chocolate enrobing is to melt the chocolate that will be the coating of the layer. So, how will the chocolate melt? Mainly, there is a tempering unit that helps in the process of chocolate melting.
  • Products are added to the feed: The products are kept on a container or wire mesh. You will have to decide on the best feed based on your needs. Further, the products will be taken to the coating area by the feed.
  • The coating phase: A consistent fall of chocolate will be created by the pump as the products reach the coating part. Overflow mechanism and vibration are created to make sure there is a uniform coating on all the chocolate sides.
  • Cooling: After the coating process has been completed, the coating products are then transferred to the next cooling area. There is a fixed amount of time for the cooling process that will be sufficient for the chocolate to solidify.

Chocolate enrobing – do you know the perks?

  • Because of this process, your chocolate will get better texture and flavor
  • Well, you can also opt for automated enrobers that will improve your productivity drastically.
  • Chocolate products obtained from the enrobing process will be of premium quality.
  • Also, there will be a significant reduction in labor cost, thanks to the chocolate enrober!
  • A consistent layer is formed around the chocolate product, which is quite difficult to obtain if done manually.

Why would you want to opt for an enrobing chocolate machine rather than doing this process manually? Well, with some of the benefits mentioned above, we hope that you understand this process better. So, if you want to make chocolate, use the enrober for a better finish. Also, you need to check the best enrober that can be purchased in your budget.

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