Transportable and stationary fuel solutions.

We all use fuel in one way or another, be it for personal use or commercial use. The storage of fuel is a hot topic mainly due to the ever-increasing costs, demand and ever-changing rules and regulations that we see today.

As such this is an ideal time to make enquiries with different suppliers and management companies.

Business owners should have two overall deciding factors in mind when thinking about how they store their fuel.

Just how important are time and money to the on-going growth of your business?

Things to consider.                           

  1. Save money

Perhaps the most major benefit of on-site fuel storage solutions is the cost savings. You can save money if you buy fuel in bulk. If you, do it correctly, you can also negotiate lower rates with your fuel supplier and pay less than the wholesale market price. The cost of your storage solution will soon be repaid with the savings you make in either time or monetary terms.

  1. Maintain fuel quality

The monitoring of your storage solutions is also provided by a good fuel tank service provider. This includes inspecting the fuel tanks integrity and taking a sample of the fuel to search for pollutants. Contaminated fuel will result in a significant loss of time and money for your business.

  1. Safer from theft

Fuel theft is a serious problem for some businesses. Employees can conveniently use the company’s fuel allowances or fuel cards for personal use. Employees have been known to gift their fuel cards to friends and relatives. It is extremely difficult for businesses to identify this as it is occurring. To prevent this from happening, having on-site fuel storage allows you to keep track of who is using fuel and when.

  1. Saving time.

Time is perhaps more valuable than money. The more time you can save as a company, the more money you’ll make. By removing the need to drive to off-site fuelling sites, having on-site access improves your company’s performance.

Regardless of which industry you are in, or what your companies’ goals are, at least one of these benefits should be important to you when researching choosing a service provider.

From a legislation and penalties perspective alone, making some further enquiries to ensure that a. Your business is meeting requirements or b. Your business is operating at its fullest potential in terms of efficiency is vital. Increasing costs of fuel coupled with the potential loss of profit also make this topic an absolute ‘ must ‘ . This could be the area where you find cost efficiency. Make a call today to make sure your current solution is not siphoning of your time or money – the correct service could make all the difference to your business’ growth.

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