Welding Stainless Tubing Boatrails – Strategies for Welding and Fabrication

Welding stainless tubing boat rails could be a gravy job but may also be very challenging.

Boat proprietors can be quite picky.

Welds not only have to be strong, but they have to look good too. Actually many boat proprietors have started to expect welds on boat rails to become virtually invisible.

Why is this so? Welds don’t have to be ugly to become strong.

316 stainless is frequently employed for marine hardware like boat rails and Stanchion ft fittings because 316 stainless is much more corrosion resistant against brine than other grades of stainless like 304 for example. But retaining the corrosion resistance completely with the welding process requires some focus on detail. For welding stainless tubing for marine applications, follow the following tips:

always employ a stainless-steel wire brush that has not been employed for other things

make use of the right filler metal – when the stainless tubing to become welded is 316L, then use 316L filler metal

Take notice of the fitup – a good fit, without any gap produces a better joint

back purge with argon or make use of a split sleeve backing ring

make use of the right amperage – sufficient to attain preferred transmission, but non enough to show the metal grey

for welds that’ll be exposed to salt air, a polish adopted with a pickling paste increases corrosion resistance

Additionally towards the tips above, make use of a tig welding technique that allows you to minimize heat input – like pulsing the present in case your tig welding machine has pulse capacity.

P.S. Some welders have discovered that the pulse setting of approximately 40 pulses per second, a percent time on of 30 %, along with a 30 % background current is useful in minimizing heat input.

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