Why CIJ Printing Technology May Be The Best Solution For Your Business

Many homes and offices have inkjet printers, which are suitable for small tasks, but when doing industrial printing, you will need to use something up to the task. A continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer is a perfect solution for your industrial printing needs and is ideal for printing packaging and many other things to the highest standard and quality. Below is more information on CIJ printers and why they may be the perfect solution for the printing needs of your business.

What Are CIJ Printers?

A CIJ printer uses technology and an innovative process to deliver a continuous stream of ink to the surface you are printing. The printing process is much quicker than a standard printer you find in a home or an office. Using this type of printer in your business can help you print speedily, efficiently, reliably, and on various surfaces, making printing more cost-effective for your company.

How Does A CIJ Printer Work?

CIJ printing technology has been available since the 1970s, and the process of printing can be broken down as follows:

Delivering The Ink: The continuous inkjet ink is pumped through a pressure regulator and delivered to the printing nozzle. The printing nozzle has a microscopic hole for the ink to pass through.

Controlling The Ink: A vibrating piezoelectric crystal is connected to the printing nozzle, which vibrates when an electrical charge passes through it. These vibrations cause the ink to form into tiny droplets and help you control how quickly they are ejected from the hole in the printing nozzle.

Charging The Droplets: The ink droplets will then pass through an electrostatic field, and a charged electrode creates this. Some of the droplets become electrostatically charged, and they are separated into charged and uncharged droplets.

Deflecting The Droplets: A pair of charged plates creates another electrostatic field, and this causes the positively charged droplets to deflect, directing them to the print surface. The distance each droplet deflects will depend on how much electrostatic charge it contains.

Recycling The Droplets: Through this process, only a small number of ink droplets are used for printing, and the rest can be recycled and used again.

The Benefits Of CIJ Printers

Using a CIJ printer in your business has many benefits, making them an excellent choice for all your industrial printing needs. Using this type of printing will help to ensure the quality of the print, and it will also allow you to print quickly, maintaining a high degree of quality. It is a reliable printing system you can trust to do an excellent job when you ensure that you maintain and service the printer correctly and use the correct and best quality inks. It is also a versatile printing system that you can use to print on many surfaces, including flat, round, flexible, and uneven ones.

When you are looking for a high-quality, cost-effective, and versatile industrial printing solution, choosing a CIJ printer may be an excellent option for your business. Look at the various options available and select the best printer that fits your requirements, and you can start taking your printing to the next level for your business.

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