Why You Should Have Surfaces Sandblasted Before Painting

If you are painting any surface, the right preparation is key. It ensures that you get the best possible finish and makes for a professional look. If it’s metal surfaces that are going to be painted, sandblasting is important, and here are some reasons why.

Paint adheres to sandblasted surfaces

One of the main reasons why you would do sandblasting is because it helps the paint adhere to surfaces. If you’re planning to have industrial painting Perth carried out, whether it’s on surfaces or on a car, then prepping such as sandblasting is likely to be necessary. This is because paint doesn’t always adhere to metal properly, so sandblasting the surface makes the paint more likely to stick.

It creates a smooth finish

If you paint on a bumpy surface, the finish will be bumpy, but sandblasting removes:

  • Rust
  • Old paint
  • Residue from oxidation
  • Dirt

This leaves you with a smooth surface that can easily be painted over with a smooth finish.

It’s much easier than the alternatives

While there are alternatives to sandblasting, some of these are likely to take a lot longer and can be hard work. For example, you can sand down surfaces using sandpaper, but if you’ve ever tried to do this for long periods, you’ll know how hard it can be. If you need something gentler, you can try soda blasting, which is gentler and means you don’t damage the material underneath. For example, if you’re working on a historic building or have materials that damage easily.

The finish is better

As long as proper finishes are applied, a surface that has been sandblasted is always going to be much better than one that hasn’t. If you need things to look professional, you should take the time to do some sandblasting and make sure the surface is clear before you do anything, so you get the best possible outcome.

If you are planning to do some industrial painting, especially on metal surfaces, make sure you look at sandblasting first. It’s a simple way to prep the surfaces and get the best possible outcome and means you don’t waste money doing the job over and over. When you are doing this sort of job, it’s important to get it right, which means taking all the necessary steps to get the surfaces ready, so you are happy with the overall look and can enjoy freshly painted surfaces.

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