Your Workspace in a Perfect Location

As the saying goes, “Here’s a good question for you”.

Why would you rent a workspace or suite in one of the best locations in a world-class city? The answer is quite simple. Because it makes good business sense. You can have the workspace you need with many of the necessities and amenities included and without committing to a long-term lease or investing in property that you own and maintain.

What do you get when you make this sensible choice? First and foremost, you get a great atmosphere and an environment that is vibrant and creative. When you sign on, you immediately have access to managed reception with postal service, printers and scanners, meeting rooms, high-speed Internet service, kitchen facilities, and 24-hour, closed-circuit television (CCTV) security. If you’re not sold yet, read on. You will be soon.

Location, Location, Location

Anyone who has bought or sold real estate in the last few decades knows that these are the three primary factors to be considered. They also understand that location is of supreme importance when you’re securing workspace from Hubsquared in Liverpool Baltic Triangle. Not only do you benefit from all the facilities and amenities just mentioned but you’ll be within walking distance (10 minutes) of the city centre, near the important conference centres, and close to Albert Dock, now world famous as the site of some of the in-demand event spaces, bars, and offices.

When professionals and business owners were surveyed about the use of shared space or strategically located rented space, the vast majority stated that the atmosphere increased productivity and creativity. Tasks were completed on time and work standards improved significantly. This was often associated with the general atmosphere and with access to a vibrant commercial community. In the Liverpool location, occupants also benefit from gym access, shower access, bicycle storage, and excellent discounts at many of the area shops (bars, coffee stops, and so on).

Move-in Ready

You can get started today by visiting the website to learn more about the many benefits. When you talk with a member of the staff, you’ll learn that all bills (water, Internet, electricity) are included at the business rate. This arrangement is, in fact, one of the primary reasons why many companies choose an all-inclusive space that is essentially move-in ready. It’s a great way to get started with your new company or to put your established business in a location that’s perfect for healthy growth.

If you’re looking for a space that offers real comfort, all the facilities you’ll need, plus the great extras such as free tea, coffee and water, this is your best option. You’ll always feel safe with security around the clock and you’ll be able to work with an outstanding view toward the city skyline and the world-famous Mersey.

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