4 Proven Methods For Finding The Right Legal Candidate

In any industry, hiring high-level employees can be a challenge, as oftentimes the best talent can be hard to pry away from previous commitments, and the majority of hiring for high-level skill positions is never advertised. That means you need special access to the best candidates to have a chance of hiring them before the competition does. When it comes to hiring lawyers, these difficulties are even more pronounced. To remedy this, we’ve come up with four proven ways to find the best candidate for your law firm.

Hire Someone You Know

Even those who work in the legal profession know only a limited amount of good candidates who are not already hired, or who have not been promised employment with another firm. This doesn’t mean you have to go putting out ads in the paper just yet. There is a good chance at least one or two of your colleagues will know someone worth hiring, so ask around – find people whose professional opinions you trust, and see if they know anyone looking for a new (or first) job. This is an important networking strategy for legal professionals and a great way to begin your search for a stellar young lawyer.

Work With A Headhunter

Another proven method would be to use a legal recruiter. There is always the option of handing recruiting processes over to the experts. Your time is valuable, and by hiring a headhunter in Toronto you’ll save the time and expenses, all while ensuring that you find the absolute best person for the job. This method is definitely the safest, as headhunters cast a wide net – the best ones working with a nation-wide database here in Canada – and so have access to not only good candidates, but the right candidates, who will fit into your particular work culture. If you want to get it right the first time, speak with legal recruiters today about their services.

Do It Yourself

If you’re not fortunate enough to know someone who knows someone worth hiring (or if you think you can do better than the suggestions on offer) then you might need to venture out a bit. Sure, it would be better to forgo the costs of advertising and workload that goes into a traditional hiring campaign, but if you insist on finding candidates yourself you pay have to shell out a bit of money and personal time. That’s the cost of striking off on your own.

Use The Expanded Search Method

In addition to using the services of a legal recruiter (highly recommended) there are a few ways you can personally expand your search:Word of mouth – Tell everyone you know that you’re trying to fill a vacancy. This is a faster and broader version of the network approach mentioned above. You’re not holding meetings in this instance, just mentioning it in every professional encounter you can.

Your law firm’s website: If your site doesn’t already have a ‘careers’ section, it should. Talent is rare, and you don’t want to deny the right candidate the opportunity to learn of a vacancy in your organization.Career offices at law schools: It might be a bit out of your way, but you’re sure to run into some potential candidates here (albeit a little green).

Using these four methods, either separately or in conjunction, you should have no trouble finding the perfect candidate for your opening.

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