Choosing the Perfect Cars on the Roads

The first car is independence, freedom! Certainly how to choose your first car with a tight budget? What are the criteria to consider before slipping behind the wheel? Here are the suggestions to buy clever!

The opportunity

This is an opportunity to think. Moreover, the insurance will be cheaper than for a new equivalent model. Choose a fairly recent vehicle (Miami Jeep Wrangler) to take advantage of the long-term warranties of some manufacturers, and eyeing the mileage. To be sure to buy at the right price, the Argus remains the reference. And do not forget that the cabins are too old and have no right to quote in Paris!

Consumption you will look

Between diesel and gasoline, your heart swings? If you drive every day, the diesel should be more profitable. And for how long with the increase in the price of diesel? Hard to say, especially as your green fiber could convince you to prefer a small electric! Gasoline or diesel, inquire in any case on its consumption per 100 km.

The power you will limit

The more horses you have under the hood, the higher your insurance costs! Think practical and opt for a modest and handy city car. During your years of a probationary license, no question of imitating Prost or Fangio! For your safety, ABS and front airbags are the 2 indispensable options of your future car. Otherwise, do not be too greedy about comfort gadgets: do you really need heated seats?

The maintenance booklet

Before signing for good, check the vehicle’s maintenance book and the bills that go with it. And try it, if possible by being accompanied by a loved one who “knows a little”! To choose a car, you first have to measure your car budget. The latter does not only depend on the amount you have, or you can borrow to buy your vehicle. The car budget must also take into account the cost of fuel, maintenance, the cost of insurance, possible taxes and if you think of the resale in a few years, the loss of value of the vehicle.

The Budget

When we have gone through what has to be counted, the initial budget is often nibbled on all sides. When choosing a new car, the question of energy is a key issue. With prices at the pump that keep climbing, it is important to precisely define the use that will be made of the vehicle if we want to find the perfect budget balance without counting the new alternatives proposed by the manufacturers: hybrid, electric, LPG. Experts have analyzed the different types of energy proposed and their cost.

The New Fuel Choice

If formerly the Diesel was the inevitable choice to save money, it is no longer necessarily the case. For it to take precedence over a petrol engine, it will have to be more solicited. The choice of fuel depends on the frequency of your movements, their length, and their location (city, road, and highway).  In case of the Miami Jeep Wrangler, this is very true.

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