Affordable Commercial Van Solutions for the small UK Business

Now that things are gradually getting back to normal with the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine, many entrepreneurs are back on track and setting up a business invariably means company vans, which are a necessity, but not something you want to drain your capital. If you run a domestic service company, for example, having fully mobile installation teams is an integral aspect of the business, without such transport, you cannot carry out your business.

Online Solutions

Forget going to vehicle dealers or auctions, as the perfect platform exists online, with a reputable online van dealer who has a range of new and used vehicles, all at affordable prices. Everything can be arranged via the provider’s website, which eliminates human contact, which is essential in these troubling times we are currently facing.

Contract Leasing

This is very much the preferred option for many service-related businesses, as it does not involve a huge capital investment and if you would like to learn more about the attractive vehicle contract leasing packages, search online for an established van dealership and see what they have on offer regarding leasing.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

When you buy, rent or lease new vans, they will be protected by the manufacturer’s warranty, which means you can be sure that your teams have reliable transport, whatever the weather. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to minimise the risks to the company and making sure the vans are in good condition ensures that your teams can go about their business. Of course, each van must be booked in for regular service if it is to continue to work to a heavy schedule.

Flexible Finance

If your business capital is limited and you would rather not buy the vehicles, there are flexible leasing or contract hire packages that will enable you to get going. It is quite difficult to obtain finance for a new commercial venture, but with the online van dealer, they have associations with several lenders and can find a suitable package for their clients.

Used Vans

It might be that you would prefer not to spend a lot on commercial transport and with a selection of used vehicles, you can make sure that your teams can carry out their work and if you would like to learn more about cost-effective van leasing and purchase, search online for a leading UK supplier of commercial vehicles.

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