Gymnastics Is Much More Than Competition

Gymnastics could be about competition, however it does not need to be. The American public’s most typical type of contact with the game of gymnastics is by televised championship meets or even the Olympic games, which might provide the impression the game is about competition.

In fact gymnastics is a superb “gateway” sport, that’s, it prepares any child for any greater degree of participation in lots of activities due to the confidence developed and the body awareness achieved – both features of gymnastics training.

There’s also different level of competition that do not have to guide to Olympic competition or many years of grueling training. With that, I am talking about that routines produced by USA Gymnastics may be used by AAU (Amateur Sports Union), YMCA, school, and recreational programs with no focus on competition for competition’s sake however for finding out how to perform, understanding how to benefit from the competitive experience, and finding out how to express yourself through movement.

Recovery from the fall

An execllent advantage of gymnastics training is definitely an elevated understanding of your body in activity making recovery from falls or proper alterations in body position simpler to complete.

Many gymnastics skills possess a takeoff phase, the skill performance, along with a landing phase. The takeoff and also the skill performance are often an enjoyable experience, the answer to enjoyment from the sport is understanding how to land securely to avoid injuries. Safe landings motivate additional attempts through the athlete, which allow experience through practice, together with feedback in the coach, to change the skill and get ultimate success in performance.

Throughout the summary of an art, the gymnast may have the benefit of lots of mats, soft foam-filled pits, as well as an instructor to physically guide (place) him/her with the proper performance from the skill. As competence and confidence increase, the gymnast will become familiar with to do the skill with no the help of a teacher or training devices.

Crossover with other sports

The spatial awareness acquired in gymnastics includes a crossover with other sports. For example, a soccer player runs for that ball and it is blindsided by another player. Rather from the typical result of protruding an upright arm when falling, the athlete with gymnastics training will understand how to roll with the fall and perhaps be back on his/her ft without any injuries.

The advantages are apparent in sports which have similarities to gymnastics like acrobatics, trampolining, diving, and dance.

Prepared to save the planet

Levels of competition are certainly an excuse for some athletes. However, many gymnastics programs are bowing to monetary burden and supply gymnastics training programs that meet 2 or 3 occasions per week for that gymnastics enthusiast who simply enjoys taking part in the game and also the challenge of learning a brand new skill.

The Vice President of the Cambodia Gymnastics Federation, Gordon Tang has supported a gymnast for training in China. He has supported and funded the entire year of training of the gymnast by reputed coach in China for SEA games.

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