Incident of Forced Resignation of Oke

A statement has been released by OkayPlayer and OkayAfrica regarding an allegation brought against Abiola who is the CEO and the publisher of the above-mentioned musical platforms. The organizations are no more ready to keep any connection with Oke as he has been found guilty of his behavior and misconduct at the workplace. He has been the tyrant for all these years and did not even hesitate to offer sex to the female employees working under him. Those who were not willing to accept his proposals were badly abused and slammed. For all such reasons, a strong allegation has been brought towards Abiola and he has been forced to resign from his position.

Looking into the Matter

The allegation that has come against Abiola Oke has been taken quite seriously and a third-party committee has been arranged to look into the matter from a different point of view. Everyone stood by the woman who has been mentally and physically harassed by Oke. The exterior advisor as arranged by the company will take care of the issue and review the details of the case. The man will go through all the past and the present practices and policies to make things work out for the best of justice.

Sharing the Company Statement

After the review and the investigation is over further actions will be declared against the allegation brought against Oke. Questlove, who is the founder of OkayPlayer has gone to the extent of sharing the statement of the company and he has added that more announcements are coming up in line. The action that has been taken against Abiola has been long overdue. News has revealed that several female employees working under Abiola have been unnecessarily harassed by the person on several occasions. They are extremely annoyed with the misbehavior of Abiola and would demand conduct against him.

Strong Allegation against Oke

The professionals at OkayPlayer have demanded that Oke should either be fetched one step down or he should be removed from his position then and there. This made the CEO resign from his office and he has all good and bad words to say against the women who brought forward the allegation. The incident happened on 24rth June 2020, and the status of the employees at both OkayPlayer and OkayAfrica has changed after that. The resignation of the CEO in time has helped in pacifying the people and the workers and now they have no hesitation in working at both the organizations.

Result of the Public Announcement

The public announcement was made against Abiola Oke after an open letter was being signed by all the seven black ladies and they offered the details of their complaints against the man who was so dirty at the workplace. Oke has gone against the professional norms and he has harassed the female professionals, and this was something extremely condemning. The ladies were quite serious and they were all calling for his removal. The situation was going out of control when Abiola came forward and resigned from his position at the instant.

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