Things that Affect the Cost of a Moving Quote

Relocation can be a costly exercise. However, there are tips you can consider in order to find affordable removal companies Gloucester offers. It is also important to know that moving quotes differ depending on several factors. Before you choose a quote, consider whether it meets your relocation needs. Here are tips to find a quote that fits your relocation needs.

Pre-move survey 

A reliable mover will need to survey your items before providing a quote. From the volume of your belongings, they can hence determine the handling facilities required, type of truck to be used and the nature of items.

Usually, a removal company will prepare a binding quote after performing a pre-move survey. The nature of your items may define the quote. In case of need to use particular handling types of equipment, expect additional costs. In the case of a large volume of belongings, the quote may be higher depending on the size of the truck used.


Distance is a crucial factor when calculating a moving quote. The other factor is your destination. Is it a local or long-distance move? When moving to a new area, the mover requires more resources, therefore, long-distance moves cost more than local moves. For a local relocation, the moving quote will depend on the number of miles to cover. However, you need to inform the movers about your destination, as they may suggest a shorter route.

Number of trips

For convenience, it’s best to move in a single move. Making several trips is a tedious and expensive experience. It is, therefore, good that you choose a mover with the right moving trucks.

Size of truck

The cost of hiring a moving truck varies depending on size. As you invite a moving company for a pre-move survey, enquire about the right size of vehicle. However, it is cheaper to hire a long moving truck than several moving vans.

Insurance terms

All reputable moving companies are insured. They guarantee to cover your items while in transit. However, be careful to check on what is covered by the insurance cover. Some companies will cover a certain percentage of the cost of goods. In case you need to cover more, you can buy additional insurance. Make sure that you read the insurance terms and conditions before signing the contract.

Storage fees

Will you need space to store your belongings as you search for a new home or office? The cost of hiring storage facilities is an additional expense to the moving quote. The cost of storage will depend on the volume of items, the value of things or need for specialised storage facilities. Most companies charge by cubic foot per week. Remember to enquire about their storage fees.

With these factors in mind, you can easily negotiate a better quote. Always remember the three quote rule. Get quotes from several companies to choose the best for you. Start your search early to allow time to receive and compare several quotes. Avoid a last-minute search to have ample time to pack and load items.

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