Three Common Commercial Roofing Issues that Must be Addressed Right Away

Commercial roof repairs take a big part of your overall budget. Your roofing system can experience various issues that require an immediate attention. Below are some of the potential risks that are likely to lead to costly repairs. You will want to address these problems to prevent them from causing harm to both your commercial property and your employees.Roof Leaks

Although you may be able to identify problem areas, a lot of those prone to leaks require extensive repairs and when done wrongly can exacerbate the water issues. Scheduling a routine roof inspection and paying attention to common areas can help you save a significant amount of money on paying hefty fees for damage repairs and water cleanup.

Usually, roof leaks take place at the roof’s exterior edges or the interior parapet walls in which flashings are installed for the membrane cover’s protection. A damaged flashing can expose the roof cover’s edges, letting moisture and water penetrate to the water system and your building.

Poor Workmanship

While replacing your roof can cost some money, it can even become more expensive if you hire incompetent people for the job. You can only get your money’s worth if you employ a reputable roofing company that is famous for providing high-quality roofing solutions. You should avoid companies offering low estimates as they usually compromise the quality of their work for the materials. You don’t want to hire a company that will use improper fastening since this can lead to shingles blowing off, leaving the membrane exposes to the elements. Also, make sure the company you choose gives your roofing proper insulation and know exactly the challenges of roofing in Orlando Florida.

Stagnant Water

A lot of commercial buildings have a flat roof and stagnant water can easily penetrate the roofing membrane and lead to damage to your roof system’s components. The majority of flat roofs are made with some slop or pitch to avoid water pooling. However, pooling may still happen. In order to avoid water accumulation on your roof, make sure you have a roofing inspection carried out regularly by a reputable company like Roof Depot in Orlando Florida.Regardless of the durability of your commercial property’s roofing system, it may get damaged when you don’t maintain it regularly. Thus, it is imperative to perform a proper roofing inspection and follow a maintenance plan to avoid expensive repairs in the future. Make sure you know how to find the best roof inspections and repair in Orlando Florida to get the job right.

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