What are leather shoulder holsters?

There are various types of guns. While for a traditional handgun one might have to use a cross draw or belt holster, for longer rifles and hunting guns, leather shoulder holsters are used. Leather shoulder holsters take the heavyweight of the gun off of one’s body as the sleek design distributes the weight over a wider surface of the area.  Leather shoulder holsters also facilitate easy withdrawals at the time of need. These types of leather shoulder holsters are loved by guards, men of law, and hunters. Kirkpatrick makes these leather shoulder holsters on demand and the custom finish is sleek, smart, functional, and traditional.

Types of leather shoulder holsters

Shoulder Holster 1899

The leather shoulder holster being talked about here is a creation of the holster patterns that originated and traveled from Texas. This type of leather shoulder holster is one of the most widely used shoulder holsters belonging to the era of the early 1900s and also the most desired way of carrying a gun for several of the great lawmen and even the outlaws of Texas, the Old West. This leather shoulder holster is crafted of high-quality, premium saddle leather which is completely lined with suede modified with silicone. The leather shoulder holster is weaved in a basket pattern and is stamped by hand. It is also molded for a precise and trustworthy fit to one’s revolver. These leather shoulder holsters are crafted for Colt, Ruger, and other similar single-action guns or revolvers.

Kirkpatrick has been proud about manufacturing their customized shoulder holsters right on the land of the great State of Texas, ever since 1950. Every single one of their leather shoulder holsters can be made for customized use and is crafted using the highest quality of American leather.

How are leather shoulder holsters made?

At Kirkpatrick’s, they start the manufacturing process by cutting using the best part of their hide for a smooth, clean, and respectable finish. They then go ahead and dye the shoulder holster by hand to make sure that rich deep color is taken on by the leather shoulder holster so it can complement the accented version of one’s firearm.  Following that, all of their shoulder holsters are sewn often by using a nylon thread bonded by seven cords, and the critical areas are double stitched for sturdiness and durability.  The heavyweight of the construction always makes sure the shoulder holsters are staying open whenever re-holstering the gun. Each of the holsters is then molded by hand to provide a perfect fit. The edges of the holsters are then often sanded and are hand-burnished for a smooth glossy, soft overall finish.  This process helps in preventing trans-epidermal moisture loss and prevents the moisture from entering the edges of the leather as well.  The leather shoulder holsters are then polished and finished being built with a transparent coating on the outside.

Remember, whenever one is to buy from Kirkpatrick Leather Company, they are always supporting the American jobs & manufacturing

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