Kinetic Recovery Rope – Uses and Advantages

Traditional towing straps are handy in the case of normal stuck-up vehicles/boats/small machines. They can be used if the towing truck can gain momentum easily and the track ahead is clear.

But what if the towing truck is not able to get momentum and the stuck vehicle is massive?

In such extreme cases, military-grade kinetic recovery ropes can be employed for towing the stuck vehicle out. This is because traditional towing straps can only bear a low load and have a tendency to snap. 

This will cause more damage than the intended good to both the towing truck and the stuck vehicles. In some cases, it can even mean personal injury to drivers.

Why kinetic recovery ropes?

A kinetic recovery rope has the added advantage of being able to stretch out. This type of rope is greatly elastic and can deform elastically in a linear direction.

The chances of the rope snapping at high loads is very less. Also, the yield strength is very high. This rope can be used in extremely heavy conditions.

It is made of double braided nylon material that is designed for heavy-weight jobs. 

How to use a kinetic recovery rope?

A kinetic recovery rope can be used in many ways:-

Suppose your Jeep is stuck in the mud. The best possible option to get it out is by towing using a 7/8” kinetic recovery rope. This rope can easily bear a linear load of 28,600 lbs. 

Since it is UV and abrasion-resistant, feel free to use it in all terrain and weather conditions. 

One end of the rope is tied to the towing vehicle using a shackle. The other end is tied to the stuck vehicle. Make sure the rope is long enough for the towing vehicle to gain momentum.

Even if the towing vehicle is tied without slacking the rope, the kinetic recovery rope will stretch out to almost 30% of its length. This will give the vehicle enough momentum to pull out the stuck-up. 

For the best quality kinetic recovery ropes, order from well-known companies like Yankum Ropes. They can provide you with perfect shackles that will guarantee optimum performance.

Since you now know how to use a kinetic recovery rope, take action and get your hands on one right away. Time saved is money earned, so stop wasting time on stuck-ups and order your recovery rope now.

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