Getting Bharti Axa Car Insurance? Here are some important tips that would help you

Bharti Axa General Insurance is one of the leading general insurance providers of India. The insurer has some top car insurance plans at some of the most reasonable rates. If you are planning to by car insurance and have zeroed in your Bharti Axa, we have some handy tips for you. Read on to know more.

Tips by Coverfox on buying Bharti Axa Car Insurance

First of all, let us congratulate you on your great choice! Getting a Bharti Axa car insurance plan is a good decision. However, before you finalise on the exact motor insurance policy, take a look at the tips mentioned below. You will know exactly how you can choose the most suitable cover and get the maximum benefits out of your vehicle insurance cover:

  • Understand the type of cover: First and foremost, you need to understand that car insurance is broadly available in two types – third party and comprehensive. The two types of covers are quite dissimilar. So understand your own requirements and see which type of cover is better suited for you. This will help you to zero in on the best Bharti Axa car insurance policy. However, Insurer expert recommended to get comprehensive car insurance cover as it cover damages for your own car. The extra cost you incur for the own damage premium is very minimal to the cost you will need to bear in case of an unfortunate damage to your own vehicle due to natural or man-made causes.
  • Take your time:Do not rush when you are buying car insurance. Take a little time and go over the features of all the available policies. Understand the exclusions and know more about the exact features. You will be able to locate your ideal car insurance cover only when you are well informed about the various car insurance plans on offer.
  • Evaluate the riders: Bharti Axa offers many interesting and useful car insurance riders. You can choose from among the engine protection rider, the zero depreciation rider and the roadside assistance rider, among others. The riders are available at added costs so make sure you buy only the ones that you really require.
  • Calculate your NCB: The no claim bonus (NCB) can be availed as a discount on a fresh policy’s premium, if no claim was made in the previous policy year. If you are switching to Bharti Axa from another insurance provider, make sure you get the NCB transferred and subtracted from the premium of the new plan.
  • Choose the deductible wisely: Bharti Axa has some very flexible deductible terms that you must check out. Choose your deductible amount wisely. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium. However, at the time of a claim, you will have to pay a higher amount yourself too. So be very cautious while choosing the deductible amount.

What makes it beneficial compared to similar plans by other companies?

If you are still looking for a validation on the bankability of the Bharti Axa car insurance plans, take a look at the list given below. You will see exactly how the insurance provider stands out when it comes to efficiency, cost and customer support.

  • Good claim record: An insurance provider is judged wholly and solely by their claim settlement ratio. Bharti Axa has is among the general insurance companies that have the highest claim settlement records. So you can be very sure about getting your claim honoured when there is an emergency, provided you make a valid claim and have the required documents in place.
  • Excellent pricing: The car insurance policies from this insurance provider are very competitively priced. As a result, you get the highest possible cover at the best possible rates.
  • Helpful customer support: Many people prefer buying their plans from Bharti Axa because of the insurer’s excellent customer support team. You get assured of finding help and assistance whenever you need it. This is one of the best benefits of buying your car insurance plan from Bharti Axa.

The bottom line

You will not regret your decision of choosing Bharti Axa as your car insurance provider. You just need to be cautious when choosing the Bharti Axa Car Insurance plan. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind and your job will become a lot simpler. You can buy the plan online in a matter of a few minutes. So what are you waiting for? Make your purchase and get a wonderful car insurance cover.

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