How can you download the First flight class 10 PDF?

Every student has a unique way of preparing for their academics. Each has different skills that help the students in acquiring the knowledge. Some are good and grasp quickly and some need more time and focus. The First flight class 10 English is designed according to the capability of all the students so they can excel in the language preparation.

The First Flight notes are all well defined in NCERT Solutions which helps the students to have thorough preparation and can do well in the exams. Class 10th board is crucial for all the students. A kind of fear develops automatically which sometimes hampers the preparation but if the study plan and the strategy are done correctly then there is nothing to worry about.

Students can go for First flight class 10 pdf download to access chapter-wise solutions from NCERT where the explanations of each chapter and the poem are easily understandable as the language used is simple. The notes help them to have better formatting of answers which is very important especially in the language. 

About First Flight

The book is based on the new syllabus which provides a variety of comprehensible inputs to the learners helping them in the development of learning skills of the language and a base for the development of communication skills in English. This is a language which is used almost every day and also professionally in later years. It becomes essential for all students to develop a strong foundation of the language.

Tips For language preparation.

Every subject has to be prepared differently. English should be prepared with conceptual understanding efficiently. With a proper understanding of the context and the grammar, the scoring becomes easy in the language too and further emphasizes your writing skills in the other subjects also.

Let’s check out some very simple yet important tips.

Preparing the literature is very important as the maximum marks can be scored from this. The best way to excel in any language is to read the lesson thoroughly. When you read the chapter the words and the sentence formation becomes familiar to you. Don’t hesitate even if you are a basic reader. There are ways to improve if one has the dedication and will to excel.

The text has a variety of exercises that helps in developing writing as well as vocabulary skills. Try to prepare your questionnaire according to your understanding of the chapter and answer them irrespective of what is given in the text or the solution. This will help you to format the answers in a much relevant and meaningful way. Once you have done this then you can try to answer the questions in the exercises which becomes much easier for you.

Poems have to be read carefully. The words used in the poetry usually will not be familiar. Try to understand the meaning and phrases in each line and the stanza. This will help you to know the concept and the summary of the poem.

Poems seem very simple when you read but they will always have a deeper significance which you have to understand. When you understand the concepts and their inner meaning, it becomes easy to answer the questions related to the poem.

The chapters and the poems in class 10 English.

A Letter to God.

Two Stories about Flying.

The Hundred Dresses-I

Glimpses of India.

Madam Rides the Bus.

The Proposal.

Nelson Mandela.

From the Diary of Anne Frank.

The Hundred Dresses-II.

Mijbil the Otter.

The Sermon at Benares.

The poems are as below

Dust of Snow.

A Tiger in the Zoo.

The Ball poem.



For Anne Gregory.

Fire and Ice.

How to Tell Wild Animals.


The Trees.

The Tale of Custard the Dragon.

These poems and the chapters in class 10 are very meaningful and interesting and one can learn a lot if proper will and dedication are there. Language can be excelled with understanding not memorizing. These are about the text and the contents. Now let us know the important study tips or can be said as the motivation tips.

  1. Make a study plan after going through the subjects and the syllabus.
  2. Prioritize the topics and the chapters according to the complicated and the easier ones.
  3. Schedule the time of the studies according to your convenience which could be in the morning or the evening.
  4. Follow the same time every day.
  5. Reading and writing both are very important to improve language skills. Practice both giving equal importance. You can start reading newspapers and magazines whenever possible as this will improve your reading and vocabulary skills.
  6. Punctuations are an important factor for the language. There will be marks deduction if the answers are not with proper punctuations.
  7. Reading with understanding is very important. You might not understand just by reading ones, read again to understand better.
  8. Check out the grammatical section in the exercises. Understand the usage and the rules to follow.
  9. Spellings to be given the importance. Make sure to practice the spelling while writing.
  10. You can prepare the notes where the difficult word or phrases can be written with the meanings. This will help you to format the sentence while writing the answers.
  11. Once you are completed with the syllabus, you can solve the sample question papers. This is very important as this will give you an idea of the exact question paper pattern in the exam. You will get an idea of the questions from the chapters, grammar and also the questions on the passage. You can also keep track of time and see if you can complete it within the given time. Try to complete at least 30 minutes before so you can have time to revise the answer sheet.

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