Struck With Blocked Drains? Call Professional Cleanup & Repair Service Now!

Home maintenance isn’t about the interiors alone. You need to ensure that every possible system is working as expected, including the drainage. Dealing with blocked drainage is certainly not easy, simply because the work related to cleanup and repair requires experience, expertise, and special tools & equipment.

Why do drains get blocked?

Even the best drainage systems must be cleaned at least once in a while. Blocked drains are usually a result of debris built up. Think of foreign objects like plastic bags, nappies or even fallen leaves. Built-up of scale and grease can also cause the drain to block, where there can be additional issues related to structural defect. If you have too many trees nearby, root intrusion can be cause too. When you call a professional company that specializes in fixing blocked drains in Portsmouth and Hampshire, they will send their experts to check the situation. Some of the better companies even offer a complementary CCTV inspection to find the possible issues related to the structure and other aspects.

How are drains cleaned?

In many cases, professionals rely on a cable machine to clean up waste pipes, which are often found in selected parts of the house, like the toilet or kitchen. When access is limited, mechanical drain cleaning is a good choice. Rodding is another method that companies use, where drains are cleared using flexible rods. Wherever possible, many drainage maintenance services prefer using the jetting method. A strong jet of water is used to clean the drain, which not only gets rid of the blockages, but also ensures that grease, debris and fat is removed. The process also prolongs the use of drainage system in the long run. Experts agree that high-pressure water jetting is the best way to prevent complete blockage and is best used when the initial signs of blocking becomes visible.

Finding a company

There are many companies specializing in cleanup & repair services, but before you select one, make sure that the company is licensed, insured and well-known. They should be accessible at all times, must offer immediate assistance where possible. Get an estimate in advance and insist on getting an inspection done. The right service will also have its own team of repairmen and drainage experts, who will be trained, insured and experienced for the job.

Check online now and shortlist the best services. You can also get a maintenance contract for drainage cleanup!

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