Airtel DTH Recharge is All about Great Picture Quality and Stereophonic Sounds

DTH or direct to home television is basically the use of a disc antenna that belongs to the individual subscriber, fixed to the outside of his house. This disc receives signals from the satellite that collects different digital programs from different broadcasting stations and transmits the same to the disc. The receiver in the disc then interprets the signal along with the set-top box hardware and software and as per the channel chosen by the subscriber the signal is transmitted on to the television set of the user. Typically a user can receive continous transmission when there is enough balance in his DTH account. A subscriber of Airtel Digital TV needs to keep his connection active by having his Airtel DTH recharge done on time and as per schedule.

DTH service vis-à-vis cable television

  • Cable television is all about cables and wires. DTH has done away with all the unnecessary cables because it is based on transmission of digital signals where the STB blocks off channels when the Airtel DTH recharge is not done on time.
  • DTH has made a direct connection between the TV program broadcaster and his viewers. In the case of cable television, the cable operator is the one who receives the satellite program and he would then distribute it to the end user.
  • With a facility like the Airtel DTH recharge users can now directly recharge, top-up, activate or deactivate channels and services as per their wish. Nothing of this sort can be done with the cable television as the user is dependent on the cable operator’s choice of channels and his paying capacity to the broadcaster.
  • Services like Airtel Digital TV can reach geographies that are not possible for cable television to reach because of the use of extra-terrestrial satellite.
  • The picture and sound quality provided by DTH operators is incomparable vis-à-vis the cable television. This is because cable TV is analog in nature and DTH involves decoding of encrypted transmission. The encryption technology is also very important as it ensures that your subscribed packs via Airtel DTH recharge is not stolen or intercepted by any other party. With the cable TV, anyone could divert the transmission onto their TV by intercepting the wire in between.

Bharti Airtel Ltd, the parent company of Airtel Digital TV has recently announced the ‘Airtel Home’ that will enable its customers to operate their multi-relationship with the company in a more organized and centralized manner. The subscribers will now receive one bill for its services – broadband, post paid mobile and digital TV. Launched in Hyderabad, the company is offering attractive discounts and premium customer support to all its subscribers for using the Airtel Home for their bill payments and Airtel DTH recharge services, Since Airtel is one of the leading telecommunication service provider in the country that provides integrated telecom services to its users, it thought of launching this platform which would make its customers operate the different subscriptions from the company peacefully and comfortably.

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