Five Ways to Reduce Your Company’s Vulnerability to Computer Hacks

Hackers exist to crack into computer networks. They do their jobs in many ways including cracking passwords, installing malware, or through social engineering to compromise the network administrator. While safeguarding your system from expert hacking teams is challenging, you must implement security measures to address online security concerns such as hacking. Here are ways to make this happen:

Implement Policies for the Use of Strong Passwords

You should make it a company policy to use only strong passwords for your accounts. Passwords must have at least eight characters, should be a combination of alpha and numeric characters and upper- and lower-case letters. Passwords must be changed many times in a year. Also, ensure your policies include enforcing that passwords should not be shared with coworkers.

Manage Computer Networks

The majority of hackers take advantage of flaws in company networks. Even if your organization has good technology in place, it can still be vulnerable to attacks when your computer network is poorly managed. This makes it essential to establish information security departments to supervise all activities related to securing networks and data. This department must be involved in all company activities to cover all potential breaches. Additionally, all employees must be informed about the vulnerabilities of networks. This will help them stay vigilant when they handle company data or use resources connected to the internet.

Consider a Security a Lockdown

A security lockdown or tightening includes activities like configuring software for optimum use, deactivating unnecessary software that can cause simple attacks, and configuring the operating system to maximize security. You can perform this process in a phased approach for increased defensive layers and minimized exposure to attacks.

Minimize Data Transfers

Your company is at risk of cyber-attacks whenever you transfer data from business devices to other devices. This can happen when you increase the number of your remote employees. Keeping your work data on external or personal devices may expose them to hackers. The best approach is to work with an experienced cybersecurity provider to determine devices or endpoints exposed and how to better secure them.

 Reduce Data Leakage

When data are leaked, sensitive or proprietary can be compromised, which can damage your company’s reputation. Data leaks can happen by sharing internal data with vendors, saving information on unsecured devices, and transmitting data over unsecured Wi-Fi. Your company must retain an expert cybersecurity team to regularly monitor where data is stored. Also, the team will identify and mitigate existing leaks to lower the risk of data exfiltration.

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