Roles of a Security Camera Operator

Security cameras operators are generally responsible for both the maintenance and operation of surveillance equipment which may include both recorded and live video surveillance footage, reporting any suspicious move or behavior to the relevant authorities when necessary. Hospitals, housing complex, airports, gated community, schools, malls and other types of establishment all need good security. Nevertheless, a good and competent operator, who understands the various ways and individuals that posse threat for cybersecurity breach and attacks should also be available to handle the security system.

The duties of security camera operators are relatively the same across the board irrespective of the kind of establishment they work for. They are mainly responsible for the maintenance of control center equipment, taking note of any strange occurrence and relating it to law enforcement officers. A security cameras operator would report to a higher-level staff member such as security cameras manager or the security cameras supervisor. He is also expected to maintain a very high level of integrity, care, professionalism, and fastidiousness always.

The following are the duties and responsibilities of a security camera operator:

  • Proper Storing of Footage

For the purpose of making any number of footage from any particular day available on demand at any given point in time, proper storing of footage is hence, one of the important roles of a security camera operator. Although footage storing policy may differ slightly from establishment to establishment but security cameras operators would generally need to catalog correctly all footage so it can be made available on demand. Stored footage can be stored with a password to avoid a system hack.

  • Equipment Operating

A security camera operator must have a proper and thorough understanding of the equipment he is working with in order to do his job effectively. Deleting and archiving of old footage in an orderly manner and switching out memory cards, videotapes, compact disc, servers is also his responsibility.

  • Reporting Incidents

When something illegal is seen on one of the monitors, it is his duty to inform the appropriate authority and at the right time. In severe situations, security cameras operators can immediately report a criminal’s tattoo, license plate number, etc. This will help in saving the police vital time. The Hikvision cameras have been found to be great at given all details in quality images.

  • Make Observations

Security cameras operators are not supposed to just watch a bunch of screens all day, rather they must be observant and seriously focused so that whenever something suspicious or questionable is seen, they will be able to give a detailed information on it.

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