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Getting a customer to come back and buy again should be the goal of all Shopify shop owners.  Once a customer has researched and viewed and ultimately trusted your website and purchased.  You want to take advantage of that time and trust and make them come back to buy again.

There are a number of Shopify conversion rate optimization (also known as Shopify CRO) options available to entice the customer back to complete that purchase.  To remove any barriers in place that may be stopping the customer from making that purchase.

Shopify owners can create different pages to be shown to different customers and allow an A/B comparison for Shopify shop owners, to allow the best choice of page design and layout which ultimately leads to increased sales.

Shopify increase sales through the usage of a popup where a customer is perceived to be about to abandon the shopping cart.  The popup could offer an extra discount incentive, enticing the customer to think again, to then reconsider abandonment, and ultimately buy.

Other Shopify conversion rate optimization options include upselling and cross-selling.  Showing alternatives to the choice that the customer has made, with bigger and more expensive alternatives can often mean a Shopify decrease cart abandonment rate where sales are increased.

Every business owner wants to see their ROI improve and that includes Shopify eCommerce business owners, whether they stock their products and ship themselves or are operating a dropshipping business, where the suppliers send out to the end customers directly once Shopify orders are placed.  This allows owners with businesses fronted by Shopify to increase sales by reducing the shipping time and without the need to hold stock.

Offering live chats on product pages is another method for businesses selling through Shopify. This can lead to an increase in sales on Shopify.  This process can also be automated outside of office hours.  Studies have shown that sales can increase by as much as 60% from sellers offering a Live Chat option.

Offering Wishlists is another tool available to the Shopify business owner.  Wishlists provide business owners with valuable information on what products they could feature in promotions offering discounts and other incentives such as bundles.

Integration with social platforms is now becoming more popular.  This expands the audience where shoppers who frequent sites such as Facebook. Pinterest and Instagram can be enticed to buy.  Shopify increase sales by allowing integration with these social platforms.

Any business owner who fails to look at Shopify conversion rate optimization will be losing out on a key capability of this expanding sales platform.  Shopify decrease cart abandonment should be the aim of every Shopify seller and there is an abundant number of tools out there available to all of them.  It’s a tough market and finding the edge over the competition is essential in order to maximize the profit available to the business.

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