The Awesome Power of the Digital Revolution

We are living in a digital world, of that there is no doubt, and in the space of a few decades, we have gone from analogue telephones to real-time video. We have Elon Musk to thank for the next level of digital connectivity; the entrepreneur’s company, SpaceX is sending up thousands of low-orbit 5G satellites to cover the entire planet with 10x data transfer speeds; enter the Internet of Things (IoT) and with AI also on the scene, who knows where this is leading.

Voice over Internet Protocol

Known as VoIP, this technology gives us real-time video conferencing by using a special language to transmit audio and video data on the Internet. Platforms such as Zoom and Skype for Business offer the business the ability to video conference in real-time. The benefits of this are enormous; why arrange face-to-face meetings when you have video conferencing solution from a leading communications specialist?

Reduce your communication costs

Regular telephone calls are charged by the minute, yet you can use VoIP for a 4-hour video conference for next to nothing; hook up with a video telecommunication provider and make the best use of VoIP.

Affordable packages

The VoIP provider offers a diverse range of packages to suit small businesses and multi-national corporations and everything in between. This means you only pay for actual services you use and there are packages to suit every budget.

Recordable Options

Let’s say you feel that the content of a video conference could be of use to others, you can record the entire session and store it on the cloud, where you can edit in real-time. You have many powerful tools on your interface that you can manage, which gives you a high level of control. You can record all video calls, should you wish.

Free trial

You can enjoy a free trial to see for yourself how stable the connections are, regardless of location, all of your team can join the conference and use the powerful collaboration tools. Only a confident provider will offer a no-strings-attached free trial and with 24/7 support, you have next-level connectivity to drive your business forward.

If you are fed up with sky-high phone bills, talk to a managed IT services provider about VoIP solutions and take the first step to a new dimension of digital communication and save a fortune in the process.

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