The requirement for Mobile Application Testing

In the present market of technology based applications and merchandise, the majority of the business services are suitable for cellular devices. Mobile apps are global entities now. They’re everywhere – in E- Commerce, E-Putting in a bid, E-learning, E-Reservations, E- banking, and social networking. Using Mobile application is exploding around the globe today as consumers from the web applications expect a ongoing access of the identical web services through their mobiles while from their computers.

Mobile apps have become the critical facet of corporate profitability so quickly that lots of the net based applications are contemplating the direction of going the ‘App Only’ way. That’s the desktop application to become stopped and also the services to make available only via mobile phone applications. It has complicated the already established challenges within the software delivery as consumers have high expectations from the application quality that they install on their own devices. Applications are anticipated to become:

• Responsive

• Stable and secure

• 100% uptime 24X7

• be supported with equal efficiency on any mobile platform

This necessitates an extensive mobile testing technique for not just obtaining the applications in to the market but additionally have them within the competition.


Mobile Application Tests are various and tougher compared to the standard desktop web applications. The main challenge in Mobile Tests are the continual rise in the range of cellular devices mobile operation systems, firmware updates along with other customizations require a large group of testing permutations. This correspondingly increases the price of Quality Assurance for that organization.

The important thing factors for planning for a testing strategy could be summarized the following:

• Increase the test coverage by an ideal mixture of emulators and physical devices.

• Select a highly effective automated testing tool thus reducing the price of regression testing.

• Think about the different types of testing.

• Carry out the test processes mainly on Wi-Fi systems and employ the network tools to simulate the network connectivity along with other network parameters.


The primary types and sub-kinds of Mobile Testing could be categorized the following:

• Functional

– Validation

– Regression / Smoke

– Offline Ease of access

• Non – Functional

– Network Strength/ Outage /Recovery

– Peripheral

• Application Performance

– Network & CPU Usage

– Rendering Time

• Acceptability

– Consumer Experience

– Competitive Analysis

• Interrupt

– Interruptions from Voice/SMS

– Results of Notifications

– Elimination of Battery/Cable

• Memory Leak and Security

– Memory leaks & usage

– Garbage Collection

– Data Retention and Cache Review

– Security Auditing, Checking and Transmission

– Transmission

• Installation

– Uninstall, Reinstall and Upgradation

– New Application Installation

• Vulnerability

– Open Web Application Security Project

– Static & Dynamic Code Analysis

– File encryption of information

– Conformance Testing as reported by the marketplace guidelines

• Language

– Locale Validation

– Locale Data Generation

The various testing to become performed on every application depends upon the kind of application, the prospective audience and also the distribution funnel. Also using the agile methodology implemented the advantages of additional testing cycle is produced. This is needed whenever a new device in launched on the market.


To construct without testing is an extremely insensible approach. The majority of the negative reviews on mobile apps derive from crashes, battery outage and poor network performance. An enhanced mixture of manual and automatic Mobile Testing can solve these problems which help the developers to avoid failure from the program. Mobile Services and applications have grown to be a method for organizations around the globe. It’s also super easy for companies to have their deployment strategy fail. This could easily trip up companies if Mobile Testing and Quality Assurance isn’t applied in the very initial phases of development.

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